Compression Lace Bite Sock

ZENKAI Hockey Compression delivers the most advanced performance technology in the industry.  You won’t believe it until you hold it in your hands.

Product #ZNC6501

REVOLUTIONARY FILIUM ACTIVATED FABRIC:  Keeps sweat ON THE SKIN to regulate body temperature like mother nature intended, all while protecting you from the outside elements without sacrificing breathability.

ADVANCED LACE-BITE SYSTEM: helps eliminate lace bite. Green means Go!

NEXT GENERATION ANTI-ODOR SYSTEM:  Prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes wear after wear.  We’ll go head to head with anyone, you pick the place and time.

QUICK DRY FABRIC:  Dries 40% faster than synthetic material.  Double headers are your new best friend. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  50% of our sock is bio-degradable by nature unlike synthetic fabric which is not.  What’s in your closet?

COMPRESSION BAND AT MID-FOOT: Helps provide support, stability and energy for 3rd period back checks.

Y-SHAPE ON HEEL:  Provides a secure, snug heel fit just like hugs from mom.

LIGHT WEIGHT RIBBING:  Keeps the sock in the right place, unlike your defense partner. 

  50% Cotton / 37% Nylon / 11% Spandex / 2% Elastic 100% FULL THROTTLE.