Skin irritations affecting your workout?

Performance Apparel for Sensitive Skin

Zenkai’s natural fabrics and technology greatly reduces skin rashes and irritation
that synthetic apparel can cause.

Our skin is a big deal!
It is our largest organ and protective barrier between the environment and our internal organs.

Don’t let your skin condition prevent you from any activity.

Discover our Tech


Our apparel is made with natural fabrics that greatly reduce skin rashes and irritants that synthetics can cause.


Instead of synthetic fibers, which overheat our bodies and the planet, we use natural materials infused with Filium® technology which gives them supernatural qualities.


Our natural fabric allows air in and moisture out.


Our apparel is 92% biodegradable, sustainably packaged.


Our apparel works with your body’s natural cooling system by leaving a thin layer of sweat on your skin that evaporates naturally as your core temperature rises.


Our liquid repelling fabric means that bacteria from sweat doesn’t get trapped in the fibers so you can wear multiple times with no smell.


Our Filium® technology is hydrophobic, which means it repels sweat, water and other liquids for the life of the garment.


Less bacteria means less washing is required, which leads to less pollution in our rivers, streams and oceans.

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