Machine wash • Use cold water • Mild soap
Do not Bleach 


Tumble dry medium or hang to dry

To Remove Spills
Rinse off using water 
Do Not Rub Stain In

After Use & Between Washings
Shake or snap excess moisture from garment
Then hang to dry, so "Take, Shake & Hang"

Team Trainer / Manager / Player / Parent

Zenkai Apparel is different than any other training or base layer you may have worn previously.

You can sweat in Zenkai apparel and when your game or training is over, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WASH.  Even if soaked in sweat, just take your Zenkai garment and snap excessive moisture from the garment (it helps to turn inside out for this) and then hang to dry.  No need to wash every time.

You can train or play games in Zenkai apparel 6 times a week for one or two weeks before washing.  Just give the garment the smell test to know when it’s time for washing.

You wash Zenkai the same as you wash any other apparel (no bleach or fabric softeners) and you can wash after every use if you choose but before you do, please consider the following.

  • Less washing is better for the environment, because less soap and chemicals leach into the ground
  • Less washing means less water used and longer garment life
  • Less washing saves you time and money
Sweat itself is odourless.  It’s not sweat that causes smell in apparel, it’s the bacteria that gets trapped between the fibers in synthetic apparel that causes and creates stink and which over time, cannot be washed out.  That’s why it’s almost impossible to get the stink out of your synthetic workout and base layer garments. 
Zenkai with Filium® repels moisture, so bacteria from sweat does not get trapped between the fibers, and this is why there is little or no smell for the life of a Zenkai garment.