The Science of Sweat

Zenkai is bringing sweat back into exercise for increased athletic performance and more efficient use of your bodies energy.

Why do we sweat?

People sweat to regulate their core body temperature. When the moisture on our skin evaporates,
it creates a cooling effect. When we wick sweat away from our skin, our body has to work harder
producing more to regulate its temperature, therefore using up precious energy and hydration,
impacting our performance. Athletes spend 97% of their energy producing sweat, so taking
sweat away from the skin actually works against performance! Water molecules are larger than
air molecules, so as Zenkai repels the larger water molecules the smaller air molecules evaporate
naturally as our body temperature increases – keeping us cooler during exercise. Our body is
then able to use its energy for athletic performance rather than producing more sweat. Simply
put, our body can only perform at its peak athletic level with a core temperature of 98.6F (37C).
Therefore, taking away sweat actually works against our body’s evolutionary and natural built in
cooling system.

Do you exercise to stay comfortable?


Do you exercise, train or compete to feel comfortable? People who run, workout, train and
compete are purposefully choosing not to be comfortable. Most people exercise to attain a result
and in fact the best way to achieve results is to push your body to uncomfortable limits.
Wearing Zenkai apparel will feel different from what you may have become accustomed to as
most of us are not used to having a thin layer of sweat on our skin during workouts. However,
we are confident that once you try Zenkai apparel you will appreciate the great benefits of
staying cooler. If increased performance is your goal for exercising, training or competing, then
you are aligned with the energy of Zenkai. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time athlete, casual
exerciser or a professional – all of us are human and can benefit from Zenkai to be a little cooler!

If you believe in Science – you believe in Zenkai!

Zenkai improves athletic performance because of thermoregulation. It is well-established that
the primary physiological function of sweating is heat dissipation for body temperature
regulation. During exercise, a large amount of heat is produced by the contracting muscles as a
by-product of metabolism. In addition, heat is transferred from the air to the body when ambient
temperature is greater than skin temperature. With sweating, heat is transferred from the body to
water on the surface of the skin. According to heat-balance theory, the amount of sweat
production is determined by the relation between the evaporative requirement for heat balance
and maximum evaporative capacity of the environment. The eccrine gland is primarily
responsible for thermoregulation.