Zenkai's Mission to Reduce Liquid Waste

September 21, 2021

Zenkai's Mission to Reduce Liquid Waste

While we might be more inclined to throw our sweaty workout gear on a hot wash, did you know that by doing this we are in fact contributing to the decline of our eco systems?

By using a hot wash vs a cold wash on our laundry cycle causes hundreds of tonnes of microfibres to shed from our clothing. These microfibres carry toxic chemicals, which are subsequently ingested by zooplankton, which are then eaten by fish and then larger mammals, like orca whales and over time will have devastating results.

Preliminary research being conducted by the University of British Columbia and Ocean Wise to figure out the scope of the problem, suggest that washing clothes in cold water and on shorter cycles reduces microfibre shedding by up to 50 per cent.....that's a pretty big deal!

By choosing to wash your clothing on a cold wash, doesn't mean that your clothes will be less clean, in fact you are still able to rid your clothing of stains and odors but also do your part in protecting the planet for future generations.

The sports industry is notorious for using synthetic materials to create their apparel and synthetic fabrics are sadly jam packed with microfibres. However here at Zenkai, it is our mission to shift that paradigm from synthetic to a more natural and sustainable solution. 

How is this possible?

  • MAKE THE FABRIC COUNT: Zenkai uses a 95% Natural fabric blend (Pima Cotton 55% / Modal 37% (Modal is considered a natural fabric as its derived from Beech trees))
  • ZENFRESH ANTI-ODOR: Zenkai fabric repels liquids, so sweat & bacteria does not get trapped in the fibers and there is no smell retention for the life of the garment = less washing.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: 92% of the garment is bio-degradable. Zenkai uses no harmful chemicals, nano-particles or fluorocarbons in production.
  • LESS WASHING: Zenkai Apparel can be worn multiple times without washing.

Isn't it weird to not wash my workout apparel?

It’s not sweat that makes clothes smell. Sweat itself is odorless. It’s the micro-organisms (bacteria) that get trapped between synthetic fibers that causes odor once it dries. Most apparel companies claim anti-odor properties; however their anti-odor technology is applied topically to their garments. This means that after multiple washes, their anti-odor technology will slowly wash away into our rivers, oceans and lakes causing havoc to marine life. This also means that the workout shirt will forever stink. Zenkai Apparel is activated with Filium® technology. Filium® stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you can train more and wash less. Filium® does not interfere with perspiration or with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and it’s safe to use next to the skin and this technology will last the life of the garment.

How many times can I wear Zenkai before I have to wash it?

We have had some athletes wear Zenkai base layer for 1 month before it needs washing. We have had runners wear Zenkai Apparel for 10 days running over 100 miles without washing. Smell your apparel after each use and once you notice an odor just toss it in the wash.  

Zenkai Apparel has been performance and wear tested for two years now, both in-house and by independent labs. We’ve had athletes in the NHL, CrossFit Games, Major Junior Hockey, Triathlons and Lacrosse all wear Zenkai and be astounded by the anti-odor properties and the enhanced performance.  

You will notice how infrequently you will need to wash Zenkai Apparel. Your wallet and the environment will thank you! Just remember: Take, shake and hang.


Read more HERE about the study and how washing clothes in cold water can reduce microplastics entering water by up to 50 per cent.