Embrace the Sweat

December 15, 2020

Embrace the Sweat - Woman working out - Becca Matimba

Zenkai is the only apparel company that is working with evolution, not against it. 

We are designed to sweat in order to thermoregulate our bodies and keep our core temperatures down.  What happens when we “wick” sweat off our bodies and into a garment is our bodies lose that natural cooling effect of our sweat turning from liquid to vapor.  That chemical reaction is what cools us.  So when we rob our bodies of that natural function by wicking our sweat into our workout apparel – our bodies overheat faster.  Think of Zenkai as the anti-wicking technology and the only company that is helping athletes stay cooler during exercise.   By embracing our sweat there are a plethora of advantages. 



First is the cooling effect.  You can stay cooler for longer in whatever activity you are taking part in.  

Second is the smell effect.  Since Zenkai repels liquids it repels sweat so the bacteria from our bodies does not get trapped in the fibers of our apparel.  This means you can wear Zenkai for multiple times without washing and zero smell.  Some of our customers have worn their apparel for 14 days in a row without washing.  Think of the time, energy and money that saves families who are active.  

Third is the natural effect.  Zenkai is cotton based which is natural and healthier for our skin and bodies – not to mention the environment.  Most apparel companies are 100% synthetic which are derived from oil and take 100’s of years to bio-degrade once discarded into landfills.  



Finally, there is a solution for active people who want natural apparel, want to do less laundry because their clothes smell less and stay cooler so they can play longer.

Join the anti-wicking culture and work with evolution, not against it.