An athlete is always striving for continuous improvement, which can be summed up in the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’. Kai (change) and Zen (good).


As individuals, and collectively as a company, we believe in the philosophy of Kaizen so much so that we wanted it in our name. Thus we reordered ‘Kaizen’ to ‘Zenkai’ meaning to us ‘Good Change’ which we founded our beliefs upon.

• Good Change’ for the athlete and their body
• Good Change’ in technology used
• Good Change’ in the performance apparel industry
• Good Change’ for the environment

It’s time you made a ‘good change’ in your training and performance.

It’s time you made a ‘good change’ today!

Every member of our team and every decision we make as a company is built on our mission and woven in our ZNA:
Improving athletes’ performance with natural, earth friendly products that work with your body not against it.

How to find your Zenkai.

For us Zenkai was about our Good (Zen) Change (Kai), in our life, in our training, in our mentality and in our performance. It’s everything that signals to us ‘Good Change’.

Like that heavy breathing and burning throat from an extra hard workout that you know is making you stronger.

That soreness in your muscles the next day that reminds you of how your changing for the better.

Showing up and being present in life’s hardest moments for others
and for yourself.

That peaceful state you reach when your mind is clear running in nature where you
know you needed change your headspace.

The calm of the first lift up the mountain on a bluebird day and floating through the fresh untouched powder.

That feeling of being the first player on the ice for hockey practice and everything is so fresh and quiet as you glide around listening to your skates carving the ice.

So you tell us, what’s your Zenkai?

We’re looking forward to sharing your best moments of ‘Good Change’.

#MyZenkai is …

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