Men's Compression Hockey Velcro Tights Tri-Blend

Zenkai Men's Compression Hockey Velcro Tights Tri-Blend feature a new performance technology called Filium®. Filium® gives natural fabrics supernatural qualities by repelling water, sweat and other liquids without sacrificing softness or breathability.  You won't believe the feel and benefits until you wear them.  Order one size up from size you would normally wear                                  

Style # ZMB1202

  • COMPRESSION FIT: For enhanced muscle support & locked-in feel.  Fit is tight to body. This item fits one size smaller than normal sizing
  • PERFORMANCE:  Zenkai improves performance by enhancing our bodies sweat management system  
  • ECO FRIENDLY: 55% of the garment is bio-degradable
  • FABRIC BLEND: 55% Cotton / 38% Polyester / 7% Spandex
  • ANTI ODOR: No smell build up during the life of the garment because bacteria does not get trapped in the fibers.  This also greatly reduces skin rashes/allergies
  • LESS WASHING: Can be worn multiple times without washing because fabric repels sweat & bacteria. See additional info under WASH INSTRUCTIONS
  • CUP POCKET: Includes built in cup pocket (cup sold separately) 
  • VELCRO SOCK TAB: Reinforced 3-D loop velcro sock tabs keep socks in place
  • QUICK DRY: Fabrics dries 40% faster than synthetic material
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Flatlock seams & locker loop

Zenkai is the ultimate synergy of natural fibers and performance technology; a code nobody in the performance apparel industry has been able to crack until now.  MORE TECH INFO