Men's Compression Lace Bite Socks

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Zenkai Men's Compression Lace Bite Socks feature a new performance technology called Filium®. Filium® gives natural fabrics supernatural qualities by repelling water, sweat and other liquids without sacrificing softness or breathability.  You won't believe the feel and benefits until you wear them.

Style #ZNC6501 

  • FIT: US men's sizing, size chart in pics below.  Perfect for any activity that can benefit from compression and lace bit protection; hockey, skiing, hiking, work boots etc.  Fabric blend 50% Cotton / 37% Nylon / 11% Spandex / 2% Elastic
  • PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY:  Zenkai with Filium® improves performance by enhancing our body's sweat management system  
  • ZENFRESH ANTI-ODOR: Zenkai fabric repels liquids, so sweat & bacteria does not get trapped in the fibers and there is no smell retention for the life of the garment 
  • ECO FRIENDLY: 50% of the garment is bio-degradable.  Zenkai uses no harmful chemicals, nano-particles or fluorocarbons in production
  • LESS WASHING: Zenkai Apparel can be worn multiple times without washing.  See additional info under WASH INSTRUCTIONS
  • SENSITIVE SKIN: Zenkai's Filium® technology helps reduce skin rashes and skin irritations
  • REPELS LIQUIDS: Fabric repels light rain and other liquids
  • NATURALLY BREATHABLE:  Cotton fabric is natural, soft and fully breathable
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Elastic ribbing and quick dry fabric

     Zenkai is the ultimate synergy of natural fibers and performance technology; a code nobody in the performance apparel industry has been able to crack until now. MORE TECH INFO

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