We are Zenkai Sports - Sweat Experts

December 15, 2020

We are Zenkai Sports - Sweat Experts

We are Zenkai Sports, founded in 2018 by professional athletes; our goal is to create the future of performance apparel derived from natural fabrics, helping athletes to perform better by staying cooler. 

Today’s athletic apparel uses synthetic fabrics that purposefully wick sweat off the body into the garment, which disrupts the body's cooling process, meaning it can’t efficiently thermoregulate and odour causing bacteria is then absorbed into the garment. Our products avoid this, as we use a new technology which makes cotton antimicrobial, anti-odor, stain resistant and water repellent. Check out this video of our product in action:

How our apparel helps your body and your team:

PERFORMANCE:  Scientific studies have shown how vital sweat is during activity in cooling our bodies.  Zenkai apparel keeps a thin layer of sweat on our skin, which saves the need to produce more sweat during exercise, therefore keeping us cooler and maximizing performance by enhancing the body's sweat management system. Due to the breathable nature of our fabric, sweat does what it's intended to do; regulate your body temperature through 'evaporative cooling’. Thus allowing the body to be more efficient and create more energy in performance.

ANTI-ODOR: With Filium® technology there is no smell retention for the life of the garment.  Zenkai fabric repels liquids, so sweat and bacteria does not get trapped in the fibers and helps to maintain softness and breathability.  Zenkai apparel can be worn multiple times without washing and without smell.  This can reduce skin rashes/allergies and makes it the ideal touring kit.

NATURAL FABRIC: 95% of the garment is biodegradable.  Zenkai uses no harmful chemicals, nano-particles or fluorocarbons in production.  The cotton is a non-slip fabric, so if pads are worn, they stay in place!

WATER REPELLENT: Our fabric is proven to repel light rain.

Please read testimonials from professional athletes Dennis Dixon JR (Former NFL Quarterback, 2 x Super Bowl Champion and PAC-10 Player of the Year), Matt Dejesus (Former Pro Baseball Player) and Brandon Yip (NHL Player, NCAA National Champion, KHL Captain of Kunlun Red star and DEL Champion - German League). https://zenkaisports.com/pages/testimonials

Have a sweat embracing week,

The Zenkai Team.