Provide performance enhancing, earth friendly athletic wear for today’s athletes along with exceptional customer support.
Washing Instructions
Machine wash • Use cold water • Mild soap
Do not Bleach • Tumble Dry medium

To Remove Spills
Rinse off using water or shake
Do Not Rub Stain In

After Use / Between Washings
Hang your Zenkai garment to dry
Simply Take, Shake & Hang
Designed in Portland, Oregon
Tested in Vancouver, Canada
Produced in India

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PORTLAND, OR. January 31, 2019 /PR/Newswire – Zenkai Sports LLC, a Portland, OR based apparel company announced they have created the future of performance apparel by taking standard natural cotton fibers and infusing them with a proprietary, patent-pending technology called Filium®.  This ground-breaking innovation allows natural fabrics to outperform their synthetic counterparts.  Move over synthetic moisture wicking, there is a new technology in town.  Zenkai’s performance apparel uses natural cotton fabrics with a small percentage of spandex.

This new performance base layer and training line thermoregulates body temperature, keeping your body cooler by keeping a layer of sweat ON your skin. That’s right, ON your skin.

Filium activated fabrics allow a thin layer of sweat to stay on your skin.  This layer cools you, while the balance of your sweat evaporates through the natural cotton fabric.

Keeping your body at an optimal performance temperature, this allows athletes to perform longer at peak levels. Natural fabrics are breathable and keep your body warmer in cool weather & cooler in hot weather. 

People and athletes have always preferred to wear natural fabrics. The challenge for athletes however, has been a lack of performance when it comes to natural fabrics, like cotton or wool.  

That all changes today.  

“There is a better way to perform and we found it.  This is truly one of the most exciting product releases in the history of performance apparel.  Zenkai is the ultimate synergy of natural fibers and performance technology – a code nobody in the apparel industry has been able to crack until now.” says Tim Gobet co-founder and CDO of Zenkai Sports LLC

Zenkai is good for the Earth and good for your body.

Zenkai apparel improves athletic performance AND it also reduces our environmental footprint, which brings us a greener, cleaner and more sustainable planet for athletes of the next generation.   We fully embrace the belief that improving an individual’s athletic performance shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment.

Filium®, is an eco-friendly technology that makes any natural fabric, like cotton, perform supernaturally by repelling liquids and resisting odors without sacrificing softness or breathability.  Filium® was developed by Raj & Akhil Shah of Seattle. After 40 years of pioneering their way through the fashion world with a series of brands; Shah Safari, International News and MECCA USA, the visionary brothers developed the ground-breaking technology Filium® which is used in all Zenkai products.

Benefits of Zenkai

Odor FreeBecause the fabric repels liquid & sweat; this eliminates bacteria growth so the apparel smells fresh after multiple uses
Less LaundryWear multiple times without washing, saving energy costs and time
Anti-MicrobialWith no bacteria; rashes & skin allergies are greatly reduced
Anti-Slip PropertiesCotton is naturally sticky so pads won’t move around
Natural FabricsBreathable; keeps body warmer in cool weather & cooler in hot weather
Sweat ManagementScience now tells us a layer of sweat is best kept on the skin to thermoregulate body temperature during workouts/games for best performance
Quick DryingDries up to 40% faster than regular clothing
Nano FreeNo nano particles or chemicals that break down and leach into your skin or the Environment
Eco FriendlyFilium®  core technology is produced according to Bluesign® Standards for sustainable materials and production
Stain ResistantWater, wine, coffee, ketchup etc., runs right off Zenkai Filium® activated fabric.

For more information on Zenkai Sports, please visit www.zenkaisports.com  

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